Completing & signing our Day Membership form is required for all students, passengers for self fly hire, lessons, trial lessons, introductory flights & experiences.

By applying for a day membership (no charge) of Paul White’s Elstree Helicopters flying school (hereafter “The Flying School”). You agree that as a day member of The Flying School you are being authorised to make use of The Flying School’s aircraft whether as a pilot, passenger or otherwise, and that:

1. You shall comply with The Flying School’s current rules, the Air Navigation Order and Regulations, EASA Regulations, Bylaws and any other relevant Provision of English or Foreign Law.

2. You shall also comply with the Flying Order Book, Aerodrome Rules and Regulations and any instructions given by Instructors, employees or representatives of The Flying School.

3. You understand that any video/photos taken of me by The Flying School may be used for Marketing Purposes in accordance with The Flying School’s Privacy Policy (available on the Flying Pig Helicopters website).

4. You agree that The Flying School is absolved of any responsibility of any injury caused to students and or passengers that are knowingly/unknowingly unfit to fly, unable to enter or exit the aircraft unaided, wear unsuitable clothing/footwear and those who are knowingly/unknowingly pregnant at the time of their lesson (including any unborn children).