What an amazing summer for our students! Over the past 2 months 3 of our students have achieved their dream – to fly SOLO!

Zeeshan Ali has completed his 1st solo hover and circuits.

Cabri G2 student Nick Reeves took a giant leap towards his ppl(h) by completing his 1st solo into local area, as did James Vernon in the Robinson R22.

While our poster boy Max Gale passed his skills test with Capt. Phil Speechley and has passed his PPL(H). He is now officially Captain Max Gale and has already undertaken his 1st self fly hire hour!

A huge congratulations to all of them and we wish them continued success in Living the Dream!

If you would like to join our students by living the dream and flying SOLO, give us a call on 0208 099 7766 or email info@elstreehelicopters.co.uk and ask about our Zero to Hero course – Go solo in 25* hours.


*Hours quoted is the average required to reach a solo standard and all course fees are payable in advance.