ground school

During your flight training you will complete the standard 27 flying exercises with the PPL(H) syllabus. Completing these exercises will give the skills required to safely pilot the helicopter. Prior to each flight (exercise) your instructor will give you a detailed briefing on the exercise and cover any theory which you made need to complete the exercise to the required level.

There are 9 written (multiple-choice) exams that you must pass and a final skills test before your PPL(H) can be issued.

  1. Air Law
  2. Operational Procedures
  3. Helicopter General Knowledge
  4. Principles of Flight
  5. Navigation
  6. Meteorology
  7. Flight Performance and Planning
  8. Human Performance and Limitations
  9. Radio Telephony

Having completed all of the above your flying skills will be such that you will be ready to take the final skills test with one of our CAA examiners.

In addition there is Ground school. This is a requirement of the PPL(H) training where a recommended minimum of 100 hours theory is needed to alongside your flying time to complete your training. Study time can be split 50/50 between home and the classroom. 50% home study will be set for you by our Head of training depending on your progress and 50% at our in-house Ground School. Currently run fortnightly our Ground School allows you to go through the required elements of the theoretical side of the PPL(H) with your fellow students.

It’s a great opportunity to ask your instructor any questions you may have about the course or exams, meet with previous students now qualified pilots who can act as mentors; to guide, support and encourage you as you progress through your PPL(H) course. The mentoring scheme is unique to Elstree Helicopters, many lifelong friendships and business relationships have been cemented by this rewarding and worthwhile experience.

For many students Ground School was their first introduction to flying, we welcome anyone who has an interest in learning to fly, even if you haven’t started your flight training yet. It’s great to get a feel for the flying school and the course and don’t forget the pizza! All this and what’s more it’s FREE! To find out when the next ground school is scheduled for or how it can benefit your learning email or call 0208 099 7766

Need extra tuition, why not meet with one of our instructors One-to-One? To book a private ground school lesson with one of our instructors email or call 0208 099 7766