Prices starting from £204* per hour

For further information or to book your dual check flight please email or call 0208 099 7766

Once you have qualified with us or if you hold a current PPL(H) license, you will be able to Self Fly Hire. This means just as you would hire a car abroad, you can hire a helicopter. What better way to treat your friends and family or to avoid that arduous motorway slog for a business meeting!

Self fly hiring gives you all the benefits of owning a helicopter without the worry of maintenance, hangarage etc. you simply pay for hours and fuel you use.

Before you can self fly hire you will be required to have an initial dual check flight with our Head of Training unless you have recently qualified with us. Then as long as you fly at least 1 hour every 28 days with us, you will only require a dual check flight every 6 months.

Whilst of course you are fully insured to fly our aircraft, including public liability insurance, you will be subject to the normal insurance excess according the insurance schedule, depending on which aircraft you hire.