Elstree Helicopters – A new breed of flying school

Looking for a challenge, a new hobby or the ultimate rewarding career? Then learning to fly a helicopter could be the answer! Whether your desire to fly is to achieve a Private Pilot’s Licence PPL(H) for fun or to begin your training towards a Commercial Pilot’s Licence CPL(H), Elstree Helicopters boasts over 20 years experience in teaching people to FLY! Our instructors live and breathe helicopters and work with you to ensure that our training programmes are tailored to suit each individual pilot.

Set in the peaceful Hertfordshire countryside yet moments away from the famous London skyline, Elstree Helicopters is the perfect training location. We pride ourselves on welcoming for budding pilots, both male or female to our wonderful, family friendly, flying school. There’s always plenty to entertain your partner or children whilst you are flying so no need to miss out on quality time with your loved ones as you fulfil your dreams.

The PPL(H) is governed by the CAA, this means you can fly any helicopter you have been trained and passed the appropriate test. To achieve this you must have completed a minimum of 45 hours of flight instruction of an approved syllabus, which includes ground school. 9 multiple choice ground exams and radio oral practical test. A class 2 medical is required and a final flight skills test. Once passed, your PPL(H) could lead you on to a amazing career in aviation be it a flight instructor or even a commercial helicopter pilot.

Ground School is a requirement of the PPL(H) training and we are approved by the CAA to offer this in-house. Currently run fortnightly, it’s a great opportunity to learn alongside other students and benefit from our unique mentoring scheme. Ground School is also available on a one-to-one basis with either your instructor or student liason officer.

You now have “Full Control”, make the best decision of your life, choose a flying school of the future. Live the dream, fly helicopters!

For more info on what the course entails, our ground school or to book your trial lesson please contact training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766

PPL(H) training briefing

Obtaining a PPL(H) is no longer reserved for the rich and famous, at Elstree we offer a range of training programmes to suit your budget and ultimate goal which is of course to FLY! To gain a Private Pilot’s License you will need to complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight instruction; at least 25 hours of dual instruction to include a minimum of 5 hours of simulated instrument flying. 10 hours of supervised solo flight time including at least 5 hours of solo cross-country flight time one of which must be 100 nautical miles or more during which full stop landings at 2 aerodromes not including the aerodrome of departure. 100 hours in the ‘classroom’ which can be divided between studying at home or at Ground School. 9 written multiple choice and radio oral exams and a final skills flight test. Then the sky’s your only limit!

Ready to live the dream? To find out more about the PPL(H), details of our exclusive Zero to Hero programme – Fly solo in just 25 hours or to book a trial lesson please contact our Student Liaison Officer email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766

*Hours quoted are the average required.

LAPL(H) training briefing

The LAPL(H) is a ‘Light Aircraft Pilot’s License’. This is a fast track license that entitles you to fly any single engine helicopter up to a max. weight of 2000kg and max. of 4 seats anywhere in Europe. The LAPL(H) programme requires a minimum of 40 hours flight training, 10 hours solo to include 5 hours cross-country. A 80 nautical mile qualifying cross-country landing away at at least 1 aerodrome other than departure, plus all the usual Ground School, written and radio exams and final skills test. Night ratings and IMC ratings can also be added to your LAPL(H). The LAPL(H) has slightly different medical requirements; a PPL(H) requires the more in-depth Class 2 medical whereas for the LAPL(H) there is a specific medical which can be issued by your own GP or AME. If you have a medical condition which precludes you from holding a Class 2 medical then this may be the license for you!  This ‘light license’ is a great choice if you have strict budget or time constraints in regard to your flying.

For more info on what the course entails, our ground school or to book your trial lesson please contact training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766

*Hours quoted are the average required.

Flying the Robinson R22

If you are ready to take to the air then the best place to start is with a Robinson R22, the world’s most recognised training helicopter. Perfect for beginners, the R22 is a two-bladed, single-engine, light utility and training helicopter.

“I really enjoy teaching in the R22, it’s great to see students growing in confidence as they learn to fly this impressive machine” – Capt. Paul White.


Flying the Robinson R44

Based on it’s little brother the R22, the R44 is a light, four-seater, single-engine training helicopter. If you want to add to your flying skills portfolio or simply want to learn in a larger helicopter then the Robinson R44 is the obvious choice.

“Flying the R44 just makes you smile, that’s why it’s the world’s most popular helicopter” – Capt. Paul White.


Flying the Guimbal Cabri G2

A helicopter for the 21st century, the Guimbal Cabri G2 is a two-seat, light piston-engined helicopter designed by a former Eurocopter engineer. Its sleek styling and modern looks really makes it a supermodel of the helicopter world.

“Truly the next generation of helicopters, its the difference between a note pad and an ipad, can’t wait to start training in it” – Capt. Paul White


Ground School

Ground school is a requirement of the PPL(H) training where a recommended minimum of 100 hours theory is needed to alongside your flying time to complete your training. Study time can be split between home and the classroom, but we have found that by running our own ground school it gives students the opportunity to learn alongside others, making studying not quite such a solitary task.

Run fortnightly, our in-house ground school will allow you to go through the required elements of the theoretical side of the PPL(H) with your fellow students. It’s a great opportunity to ask your instructor any questions you may have about the course or exams, meet with previous students now qualified pilots who can act as mentors; to guide, support and encourage you as you progress through your PPL(H) course. The mentoring scheme is unique to Elstree Helicopters, many lifelong friendships and business relationships have been cemented by this rewarding and worthwhile experience.

To find out when the next ground school is scheduled or how it can benefit your learning email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766

Need extra tuition, why not meet with one of our instructors One-to-One? To book a private ground school lesson with one of our instructors email info@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766

Go solo in 25 hours!

A once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfil your dreams without breaking the bank! With this training programme it really is possible to take to the skies solo in just 25 hours*. No way? Yes way! This package includes 25 hours of training in all aspects of Helicopter flight plus all the Ground School required to enable you to FLY SOLO! Choose our Zero to Hero course and you can expect one-to-one tuition from one of our highly skilled, experienced instructors in one of the world’s most recognised training helicopters, CAA approved in-house ground school with the addition of our unique Mentoring Scheme All this and benefit from our preferential discounted hourly rate.

Save money and learn to fly? Absolutely! Full details and prices for our Zero to Hero programme are available on our offers page or alternatively please call 0208 099 7766 or email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk

*Hours quoted are the average required to reach a solo standard.

Become a Captain

Once you have completed the Zero to Hero course you can then take the next step towards your dream of becoming a Helicopter Pilot. You will have flown numerous solo circuits and passed your Air Law exam. Our Become a Captain training programme will focus on developing your solo flying skills, cross-country flight and navigation and your final hours of Ground School in preparation for your qualifying flight and skills test. This final part of your training will take approx. 35 hours and is available to you at a preferential rate when making a block booking saving up to nearly £4,600!

Want to know more please see full details on our offers page or alternatively please contact our Student Liaison Officer call 0208 099 7766 or email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk

*Hours quoted are the average required.


Passed your PPL(H) and want to add to your flying portfolio by increasing the types of helicopters you are rated on? Then choose one of our conversion courses. Whether it’s to simply take your family and friends flying for fun or for a new challenge then we can find a training programme to suit you.

We offer conversion courses for the Robinson R44 and the NEW Guimbal Cabri G2. Courses typically last 5 hours plus your type-rating skills test (1 hour).

Find out more call 0208 099 7766 or email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk

Commercial Pilot License CPL(H)

Looking to turn your new found skill into a career? Then why not consider studying for your Commercial Pilot License CPL(H). As a commercial pilot you would fly both single and multi-engined helicopters for business, leisure or even emergency response. Oil rig transfers, transporting business clients from city to city as part of a charter service or even making someone’s wedding day extra special by flying bride and groom on their big day are all potential job opportunities too.

To achieve a CPL(H) you will need the following;

  • 155 hours’ flying experience (minimum)
  • 35-hour commercial flying course
  • 500 hours of theoretical knowledge
  • 9 written exams and a skills test

Live the dream, fly a helicopter every day and get paid! For information on how to proceed with your training or for career advice email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766