If you are ready to take to the air then the best place to start is with a Robinson R22, the world’s most recognised training helicopter. Perfect for beginners, the R22 is a two-bladed, single-engine, light utility and training helicopter. The 70’s is often described as the decade style forgot, but not in this case, this sensitive, two-seater helicopter was designed in 1973 and has been in production ever since.

Do not be fooled, this is by no means ‘old’ technology. The R22 remains a capable, highly manoeuvrable aircraft, which is superb fun to fly. A record other helicopters manufacturers have struggled to match.

“I really enjoy teaching in the R22, it’s great to see students growing in confidence as they learn to fly this impressive machine” – Capt. Paul White.

Come and see for yourself why so many pilots start their flying journey in this fabulous helicopter. To find out more or book your first lesson email training@elstreehelicopters.co.uk or call 0208 099 7766